What to do on journalists versus Bongo Muvi

JOURNALISM in Tanzania got sent back 150 years this week with the action of one Bongo Muvi actress. I’m not surprised that it was a Bongo Muvi actress who sent us back to the dark ages but what has surprised me is the fact that there aren’t that many journalists speaking up about it.

Maybe it is because everyone feels sorry for the industry that is plagued with a host of complications that are weighing it down and refusing to allow it to flourish in any way, shape or form.

Or maybe it is because there aren’t that many journalists who consider the folks who showed up at the press conference, with the Bongo Muvi actress, fellow “journalist”.

It is like; There are journalists who went to school and apply their knowledge with precise expertise, and then, there are idiots who call themselves journalists and who dive for cash when an actress throws it at them at a press conference.

As ridiculous at the latter sounds, it happened last week at the Hyatt Regency where there was a new product launch.

I’m not going to get into the product launch because they are currently counting their blessings that they have received so much airtime with a brand new product entering the market.

I said new product but not so much, new concept. Back to the issue at hand; The Bongo Muvi actress, Irene Uwoya, was one of the many invited in an effort to market said product.

After the initial hullabaloo of how this new product will change everyone’s lives, Miss Uwoya, decided to “spice thing us” by throwing wads of cash at the “journalists” who threw themselves at it with so much force it is a surprise they didn’t break any of their equipment.

I felt so disrespected in lieu of respected, seasoned Tanzanian journalists.

I can imagine her throwing cash to the likes of Charles Hilary, Jenerali Ulimwengu, Tido Mhando [and I dare say it], my late Dad, Adam Lusekelo and it not ending how she imagined it.

Her life would have flashed before her eyes.

These seasoned and respected journalists would have let her have this type of insult knock at their door. I can think of a few words my late dad would have told her that would have left her begging to be forgiven.

I’m mad because these young journalists who dived for the 10 thousand shilling notes that were being thrown at them haven’t said anything. In fact, there were polite whispers of how things are bad and “people are hungry” and guys went about their daily routines.

That said, Miss Uwoya was summoned by the Media Council and told off in one way or the other. I’m not satisfied at all. It would have been something if they blacklisted her for a year or so.

That would put some respect back on to their name and journalism as a whole. The future has a huge cloud over it and all it took to for it was some 10 thousand shilling notes. Twitter: @ambylusekelo

ON Thursday this week, Pope ...

Author: Amby Lusekelo

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