Let’s make cleanliness part of our own culture

The national cleanliness campaign, which was launched by President John Magufuli hardly three years ago, showed that if we decide to do something it will be done and that was what happened at the time.

Our towns and cities, even our compounds, looked clean and beautiful.

This means that the campaign was not for nothing. It was actually meant to be maintained by all Tanzanians because it showed that we were able to do so. The question we can now ask ourselves is: why do we tend to litter our compounds and streets, while we clean them?

After the launch, government officials and members of the public were supportive of the campaign and one would think that there would be no turning back.

Some people even said that if Moshi residents were able to keep their town clean what would prevent others from keeping theirs clean as well.

Others were of the view that more efforts were needed to keep Dar es Salaam, one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, clean taking into account the number of people flocking to the commercial capital city to look for greener pastures and the number of both domestic and industrial waste produced daily.

We have brought this point again to remind one another to keep not only our towns and cities clean, but also our streets, the compounds of our schools, universities and colleges, places of worship, the workplace and homes.

To do this we have to develop and maintain a cleanliness culture – that is to keep our compounds clean not because if we don’t we will be punished or fined, but because we feel it is our very culture to look clean and make where we live, work or are clean as well.

If we do this, it will make a big difference in our lives and, of course, we will consequently be able to a considerable extent control diseases such as cholera, salmonellosis and typhoid. Cleanliness, therefore, should be part of our culture for it will make us what we are meant to be.

We say this because if you go around some streets or pass by some areas you will come across heaps of uncollected garbage, which shows that we haven’t made cleanliness our agenda yet.

This is very bad. Cleanliness is for our own good. In our opinion, nothing prevents us from keeping our compounds, streets or the workplace clean.

There is no justification for this and because of this, we should keep it for we have no good reason for littering any place whatsoever. So, let us make cleanliness part of culture and let us do it just now!

Author: EDITOR

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