‘Bhang business’ won’t pay, RPC counsels Tarime

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POLICE in Tarime yesterday said they are holding 40 sacks of dry bhang, destroying 20 hectares of bhang farms in its operation against bhang since January this year.

The force has also arrested 26 suspects, even as they now hold 18 motorcycle used in ferrying the drugs over the same period, according to Tarime Rorya Regional Police Commander (RPC) Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Henry Mwaibambe.

He said the motorcycles used in transporting bhang would not be given back to the owners and urged ‘boda boda’ to stop using the motorbikes to carry the marijuana. “… there’s no possibility that you’ll get these motorbikes back…they are ‘instrument of crime’ and warned owners to value their motorcycles …instead of ferrying bhang help us stop this business … it does not pay,” the RPC said in his latest press briefing about progress made in the ongoing operation that seeks to eliminate drugs, notably bhang and khat (mirungi) in the area.

Tarime is best known for its notorious bhang growing areas across Mara region – although the district is blessed with fertile land and ‘friendly’ climate for growing various cash crops such as Arabica coffee, sunflower, maize, bananas and tea.

The RPC urged Tarime people to grow profitable cash and food crops instead of wasting their time growing drugs. “Bhang business won’t pay, Mr Mwaibambe counselled.

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