Help State seek solutions for snags, Mkapa stresses

Former President and Chancellor of the University of Dodoma (UDOM), Mr Benjamin Mkapa

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LOCAL universities have been urged to help the government seek solutions for challenges facing members of the public, to enable the state attain its economic development objectives.

The call was issued here yesterday by a former President and Chancellor of the University of Dodoma (UDOM), Mr Benjamin Mkapa, at UDOM’s convocation which coincided with the institution’s 10th anniversary.

“Based on the registered charter, universities should critically analyse and recommend ways to solve problems facing our surrounding community and advise the government the right ways to undertake for development,” the third phase government said.

Mr Mkapa hailed UDOM for its remarkable steps in education service, pointing out that UDOM has become a choice university for most candidates aspiring for higher education. He advised universities to dedicate their time to conduct thoughtful analyses on political, economic and social conditions of the current situation and offer advices.

“I recognise that a major obstacle is availability of funds. I’m aware that public universities, including UDOM, depend on public funds. I am thus making a plea to authorities to set more funds for research to help in the development agenda,” said Mr Mkapa.

He advised university councils to invite internationally distinguished scholars, speakers and academicians, who he said would add value across fertilisation of ideas and experience on how to do it better, he said.

In his vote of thanks, the President of UDOM’s Convocation, Prof Davis Mwamfupe, who doubles as Dodoma Mayor, said Mr Mkapa’s sentiments would encourage them to perform better.

Prof Mwamfupe further remarked that the institution recognised Mr Mkapa’s contribution towards building the national economy, pledging to support the government towards attaining national development.

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