Bribe sends councillor to prison

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MLELE District Magistrate’s Court in Katavi region has sentenced Katumba Ward Councillor on CCM ticket Jeris Baraka to three-year jail term over corruption.

Jeris Baraka (32) was sentenced to serve three years in jail after being found guilty of two counts of soliciting and receiving 500,000/-.

Passing the judgment, the trail magistrate, Mr Teotimus Swai said the accused was convicted in two counts, soliciting 1,000,000/- and receipt of 500,000/- from a pastoralist, Charles Kiligiwa alias Mange.

Mr Swai sentenced the 32-year old convict to serve either three years in jail or pay a fine of 500,000/- on the first count and on the second count to serve three years.

“In that case the convict will serve three years in jail without paying fine and the right to appeal against the verdict is open,” the magistrate ruled.

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