Magomeni quarter project gets six-month extension

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TANZANIA Building Agency (TBA) has extended the deadline for Magomeni quarter housing project in Dar es Salaam to March next year due to equipment scarcity.

The Project Coordinator, Mr Anthony Ndendya, said in Dar es Salaam on Monday during a site tour by the Deputy Minister of Works, Transport and Communication, Mr Elias Kwandikwa.

The project involves construction of 644 houses at 20bn/-. The deputy minister decried inflated costs of construction tools by suppliers as another serious challenge. “Due to these challenges, TBA has extended by six months the completion deadline for the first phase, which aims at accommodating 640 families,” said Mr Ndendya.

In addressing the challenges, he said the agency has secured material supplier at affordable costs as well as procuring newly machines to facilitate the work. President John Magufuli launched the Magomeni project in April last year, promising the previous occupants of the house who vacated to pave way for the construction works to live in the houses rent-free for five years as well as an offer to buy at competitive price.

Speaking at the event, TBA Chief Executive Officer Elius Mwakalinga reiterated the agency’s desire to continue constructing residential houses and other buildings at lower costs than other competitors in the real estate sector. He assured that the project will be executed expertly and at high standard as per signed contract for the betterment of the country.

“We are driven by our patriotism and nothing else… and this is to help the country to save enough money,” he said, adding: “We are determined to serve the country at the best level of our ability.”

Mr Mwakalinga said the agency’s works at competitive costs have as well posed a serious challenge to other developers to start lowering their charges to compete in the market with TBA.

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