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PRIVATE sector and individuals here have been urged to make good use of available statistics. Government statisticians are dismayed that it is only the government which uses data for national development programmes, while the usage is almost zero in the private sector.

They made the remarks during the Africa Statistics Day celebrations held over the weekend. This year’s Statistics Day was celebrated under the theme “Better lives with better economic statistics.”

It focused on the critical role the economic statistics play in underpinning economic governance that leads to durable growth, and linking economic growth with better lives and better economic status for all citizens of Africa.

Mr Abdul Ramadhani- Head of Economic Data section, Mr Fadhil Ali Hassan, Mr Khalid Chum Haji and Mr Bakari Kitwana Makame, statisticians from the Office of Chief Government Statisticians (OCGS) also decried shortage of funds, saying it hampered their activities.

Despite the challenges including lack of data consistence in some areas, the officers said their office has recorded many achievements in recent years, including monthly update of inflation, and annual report on economic and other development statistics.

As part of the celebrations, a forum has been organised for stakeholders from government and private institutions, students, academicians and ordinary citizens to discuss statistics in the Islands aimed at creating awareness on the role of statistics in socio-economic transformation. The African Statistics Day is celebrated on 18 November each year.

It aims to raise awareness on the role of statistics in all aspects of a nation’s development agenda. The Day was adopted in May 1990 by the 16th Meeting of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, a gathering of economic planning ministers from across the continent.

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