American NGO revamps education sector


AFTER assuming her position as the Same District Commissioner (DC), Rosemary Staki Senyamule, vowed to revamp the district education sector.

She said the main reason for prioritising the sector was to speed up the development of the area by overcoming problems facing it. Her resolve got spiritual support recently by the Directors of the New Dawn Communities International, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in California, United States of America (USA).

That was when the NGO’s Rev. Ron Sukut spoke to residents of Ishinde area during an occasion to lay the foundation stone of New Dawn High School being built in collaboration with the Same-based Word Fountain Church.

Rev. Sukut said his organisation decided to establish the school in order to provide education to orphans. “There are children who are intelligent enough but don’t have parents to fund their education. If we decide to keep quiet, a lot of talented children will end up in the streets,” he said.

“Education is the only thing which would help Tanzanians protect and utilise their natural resources and that children who don’t have someone to educate them will be left behind,” he said.

“The main resource of Tanzania is not its natural minerals - tanzanite, gold or gas, but the youth of this country, whom if they get good education, will use for the benefit of their nation.”

The New Dawn High School project aims at providing education for Tanzanian children to become good citizens of the future.

“The purpose of the New Dawn institution is to make sure that we produce good youth who will become patriotic. It’s my hope that this newly-built school will also produce children who are patriotic and who will decide to remain here in their country to serve their nation,” he added.

At the occasion, Same DC Senyamule was represented by the Same Divisional Secretary, Eva Laurian, who pledged support during the implementation of the project.

“May I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the New Dawn Communities International for their contribution in this project, which is aimed at improving education. I assure you that the project is under the guidance of the district government,” she noted.

She said the New Dawn Communities International in collaboration with the Word Fountain Church in Same support the Fifth Phase Government to revitalising the education sector.

Bishop Steven Mshomi of the Word Fountain Church said that upon completion of the project, the school would provide free education to orphans who could not afford education fees.

“The students will be subject to free education from Form One to Form Six and they will also be provided with all necessary educational requirements,” he said.

He said the facility would be a mixed boarding school and that the main purpose is to avoid the burden of children walking long distances to and from school. “Orphans should not be exposed to challenges like walking long distances, lack of school fees or educational materials.

They need comfort and that is the main reason for building a boarding school here,” he explained.

The President of the New Dawn Communities International, who is the main sponsor of the project, Mark Luce, said the first phase of the project would involve the construction of a large assembly hall, a teachers’ office block, a kitchen and a classroom with a capacity of 36 students to start with.

“The first phase will also involve the construction of a biology laboratory, rooms for worship, study and a dormitory,” he said. He said he was optimistic that the project would bear fruit like the one in Laikipia, Kenya.

“May I promise Tanzanians here that this project is going to bear fruits and this is because of what we do in Kenya; the first new Dawn graduates in Kenya in 2009 qualified for university scholarships,” he noted.

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