Makonda is spot on, leaders’ respect vital


IT is very agonising for the citizens of this beautiful country who love it to the core, to witness how some of their compatriots are soiling that beauty.

The beauty is captured by the ‘country of love, peace and harmony’ narrative. The cracks in the narrative is most agonising for the patriots, whose confidence is so shaken that they may be reluctant to proclaim the ‘love-peace-harmony’ narrative.

The reluctance stems from suspicions that those within hearing range may tease them over stating something that isn’t wholly true. The suspicions are justified, as are sentiments of those who point to cracks represented by things like political demonstrations that turn nasty.

Plus, the foul language that has become the virtual vocal signature of some politicians, and utterly disrespectful disposition of people who insult national leaders, through postings on social media networks. It is shocking, too, that love has consistently become so diluted that the culprits’ behaviour is primitive, for lack of a more emphatic expression.

Here’s an inkling that can cause a soft-hearted person’s heart to skip some beats: When a human being suffers a tragedy like injuries in a motor vehicle accident, the automatic reaction by fellow human beings is to pray for one’s quick recovery.

On the contrary, some idiots find the occurrences exciting, and post on social media sites, ridiculous comments that the person, by virtue of being a government official, has been punished by God over alleged State misdeeds !

That’s how low can some human beings, an obviously insane species, have stooped. Their sane compatriots have to pray for their quick recovery. The prayers must however be coupled with decisive action to whip the wayward elements onto the proper track.

That’s the backdrop against which we wish to add our voice to the recent concern raised by the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Mr Paul Makonda, over people who manipulate social media sites as agencies through which to insult national leaders, as though that rhymes with freedom of speech !

He coupled it with a directive to the Police Force and the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority to tame the culprits through legal actions. For that trend is one of the sparks for threatening national peace - a jewel in the crown that peace loving Tanzanians aren’t ready to surrender!

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