Go out for Hoima-Tanga pipeline business opportunities


TANZANIANS are cheerfully waiting for the ambitious Hoima-Tanga oil pipeline project whose foundation stone President John Magufuli and his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni laid, recently.

The historic crude oil pipeline project will reportedly create over 10,000 jobs, hopefully for Tanzanians and Ugandans, during the construction stage. And, after completion in 2020, the envisaged mega project is expected to generate 1,000 jobs to Tanzanians.

But, the direct jobs aside, the multi-trillion construction works bring with them thousands of indirect jobs, but only for the aggressive and creative people.

The 10,000 directly employees of the project will definitely, owing to their strong purchase power, create high demand for various services and products. It’s upon Tanzanians in the 184 villages where the pipeline will pass through to wake up and aggressively mint money.

The demands of the working class, particularly on the oil sector, are many, ranging from basics to luxurious. The workers will definitely need food, clothing and even recreation. We don’t expect to see imported juices, fruits, milk, eggs....to feed labourers in the construction sites.

Seriously, Tanzanians have more opportunities of minting money as suppliers than being employees to the project. It’s therefore upon all wealth eyeing citizens to devise innovative strategies to supply products and services to the lucrative market under the Hoima-Tanga oil pipeline.

The country’s business community has already declared its readiness to strategically grab the opportunity through supply of services and products.

And, the country’s economic empowerment agency--the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC), has come up with articulate funding mechanisms to support small and medium entrepreneurs eyeing businesses under the project.

Funding, yes, it’s one of the critical factors in doing successful business. But, helping entrepreneurs to correctly spot the available opportunities, we think, is the most critical issue. Let Tanzanians embrace the unity spirit.

There are business opportunities that entrepreneurs can hardly tap individually due to a myriad of financial, managerial and technical hiccups.

But, through unity, the resources can be easily pooled together for thriving business enterprises. Small contractors, for instance, can pool their meagre resources and bid for big construction contracts under the pipeline.

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