Bravo Dr Tizeba for directive on fertilizer indicative prices


AS many farmers take their hats off to the fifth-phase government headed by President John Pombe Magufuli for having shown mercy on them by illegalizing irritating, unnecessary and unwise taxes on their farm produce, by some dishonest tax collectors, hope is resurrecting that farming should be given another chance as a source of livelihood to the lot.

The ‘Lazarus’ have used all sorts of discouragements to make life unbearable to the farmers to the extent of many despairing in the industry and in the course tempted their sons and daughter to migrate to urban areas as porters and house-girls or resort to prostitution and all sorts of jobs whether illegal or not, just to eke out a living.

But because the fifth phase government of the people, for the people and by the people has been keenly watching the scene, many opt to smile again for their woes were only temporary especially with the recent announcement by that indicative prices on fertilizers is in the pipeline.

To emphasize on the bold step, the Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Dr Charles Tizeba, without mincing words pinpointed that the government will, within seven days, announce indicative prices of two major fertilisers to farmers across the country, warning unmerciful dealers who will sell them exorbitantly.

Citing the fertilizers as DAP that is used during sowing and UREA in basal dressing, the minister assured the farmers countrywide that it is in control, and walking its talk, besides being behind them.

What should give the farmers extra hope is that the government has also laid down procedures to monitor and control the ‘capitalistic dealers’ who want to fleece them by directing that agricultural inputs will go through a procedure where dealers would compete in importation tenders.

Whoever wins the bid would be charged with the responsibility to import the fertilizers on behalf of other suppliers. Whichever way one may look at the school of thought, it is in the right direction that will encourage farmers to once more embark on their productions being assured that their woes and hurdles will not be there.

It means the move will improve production, and in turn reverse urban to rural migration of the youth and as well ensure that the country has enough food in its reserves and its people are well fed and in turn feel at home.

As the chain shows that people who are well fed are likely to be healthy and provide the required manpower in the envisioned industries the government is also envisioning, it should start with you and I supporting the move.

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