Let’s help nip drug abuse in the bud


DRUG abuse is a cancer that eats away society, and despite its negative effects, many youth continue being lured into it. It is unfortunate that even the visible side effects are not deterrent enough to make people abstain from the evil practice that has claimed the lives of many.

It remains a fact that illicit drugs kill and ruin the lives of those who use them, while at the same time benefit a few unscrupulous dealers who for selfish reasons destroy the lives of many.

It is painful that due to peer pressure and other unforeseen circumstances, youth find themselves indulging in drugs, and when they realise that they have been snared, it will be too late for redemption.

This has seen the government, for eons, spending a lot of money unnecessarily due to people who deliberately choose a wrong lifestyle and expect the State to lift them out of the mud they would have jumped into.

It is high time everyone carries his or her cross and held responsible for their deeds. It is a known fact that the Fifth Phase Government has come out guns blazing against drug abuse. The regime launched a war against drug abuse, trafficking and dealing in the country that saw many people being netted.

And, Prime Minister Majaliwa recently reiterated the importance of nurturing a drug-free generation, imploring youth to avoid using drugs and instead use the opportunity to access treatment at methadone clinics.

The call will go a long way in strengthening the war against drug abuse in that there is need for increased efforts to fight the social anomaly. The society and especially family is to blame for pushing youth into drugs or for watching while they fall into the trap.

The truth has to be told and the youth should know that there is nothing fascinating in dealing drugs, and it will be mere stupidity that one will be considered a man because he takes drugs. Problems in life are there, but taking drugs is tantamount to dousing a fire using petrol.

The situation cannot continue unabated like this and watch the future of youth being destroyed. There is need to take steps for this hideous practice to end.

It is only the truth that will set these youth free, and families should start doing so.

The society should know that the blood of all those youth popularly known as mateja, roaming their streets is in their hands because they watch and do nothing to prevent it.

Let’s all join hands and put an end to this problem, or else many lives will continue being lost or destroyed.

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