The African way to handle scandals


I was watching, with great amusement I might add, Donald J. Trump’s unfolding scandal with a porn star by the name of Stormy Daniels. Political correctness dictates that I use the term, “adult film entertainer” but really, that’s what she does for a living.

And that is not to say that I’m judging her at all for what she does, no. What anybody does to put food in their stomach is entirely up to them. I’m, however, laughing, and quite vocally too, at the DJT. He really just can’t seem to get his stuff together.

There is always something, somewhere waiting to make his face a darker shade of orange. I must stress that I’m not judging what two people do together when they are together. Two ordinary everyday people can do anything they see fit however, the president of the country can not.

He has to conduct himself in a certain way. A way which holds the utmost respect for the chair in which he sits. Respect himself, for the people he leads and all that stuff. That, or he bloody well needs a better way to cover up his issues.

DJT has the most incompetent people surrounding him. I mean, DJT’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen used Trump company email in Stormy Daniels arrangements. The paper trail back is ridiculous. This Cohen guy just isn’t doing it.

Intimidation, blackmail, payoffs and all that other mafia movie stuff is so 1982. There is only so much pressure you can put on a person before they explode and, Stormy Daniels has exploded. She says she’s got text messages and pictures to prove her claims of having relations with the DJT.

Oh, boy! I think if anything the DJT is inching closer and closer to impeachment. His only lasted this long because he isn’t Obama. If Obama had done any of the things the DJT has done, he wouldn’t have made it through the first year.

On the flip side, the DJT is going to go faster than most African presidents who have done this or worse. I love America for their freedom of speech. Stormy Daniels lives to tell her story and it’s being published. Must be nice.

The African way to handle scandals is probably the most “effective” way to handle a scandal. Why do you think we have so few? It’s definitely not because we are better behaving human being. Not at all.

I know for a fact that if it was here, the likes of Stormy Daniels wouldn’t have gotten the airtime to save her life. No media station would be willing to speak ill of the president in anyway necessary. Watu wasiojulikana would have nabbed her. I wouldn’t have even dared to say anything about anything.

It’s just a mess but it looks really clean from afar. Twitter: @ambylusekelo

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