Unknown assailants amidst men

Amby Lusekelo

HON. Tundu Lissu (MP) was shot on September 7th, 2017 in the nation’s capital, Dodoma, outside his home while returning from work that is, Parliament.

In the line of duty yes, we got that noted down well. I dare say that we got it noted down very well, actually. What I’m failing to understand is who might have done this horrible act. These ‘unknown assailants’ are quoted by everybody as having done this cowardly act are just that, unknown assailants.

The thing is, nobody is actually an ‘unknown assailant.’ And much more so in these finger-print, DNA, the smart-phone-is-the-devil, cell phone number registration and IMEI tracking after cell tower ping for location, not to mention Facebook-is-spying-on-us, times which we live in.

It is basically impossible to be unknown at this day and age. It might be all fake information but something must be known.

Something. I remember once I was teasing a government employee friend about them not being able to locate me if I wanted to hide from them.

They told me blatantly that I shouldn’t every doubt the government’s power and that they could find me within an hour if they wanted to. They then laughed it off like it was comedy hour. I wasn’t amused in the slightest.

Combine these elements with nosey human beings which are always out to know other people’s business at all costs and spying on anybody and anything and you’ve got your assailants known in a few hours, maximum! ‘Unknown assailants’ amidst men is quite simply impossible.

But then again, what do I know? I’m just a girl who watches the news, listens to what is being said but also observes body language.

Hon. Lissu, who is also the chief legal counsel of Chadema, was shot in the arm, stomach and leg according to the reports from the Dodoma regional hospital.

He is now in Nairobi’s Aga Khan Hospital receiving supplementary medical services. Gosh, as we continue to ensure that the ‘unknown assailants’ are kept well in the know.

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