The silence, believe me, has not dulled the fire

Antony Tambwe

Haya, there are those who thought that Papa Shango is dead and buried, okay, let me burst your bubble, I am alive and kicking, and I intend to start where I left, ukikasirikabasipasuka!

It has been a long time since I appeared on this page, and my absence has nothing to do with cowardice or fear, let us just say I decided to take a sabbatical leave and observe if things will change, naonabado mambo niyaleyale.

For new readers, let me give you a brief introduction, my name is Papa Shango, and I am not related to you, because what I do on this page is try to make all of you better citizens, and with President Magufuli insisting on HapaKazitu, then I have to tell you, mtanikoma!

When I appeared here every Sunday, there are people who were constantly on my case, saying seditious things like being on drugs, wenginewalisemanimerogwa, simply because I pointed out their silly ways of life, nitaendeleahivyohivyo, ukichukiajipotezetu!

You see, we live in a very beautiful country, and the stories I hear out there is that Tanzanians are a great people, full of kind and caring folks, and to some extent I agree with them, but there are several elements out there who tarnish that image, yaniwanaishikamawanyama!

When I talk about these elements I talk about people who live as if they were harvested from a farm, kamahawakuzaliwanamwanamke vile, behaving as if they are answerable to no one, Munguanawaonamjue.

Just the other day a neighbor came to me and told me that her daughter had graduated from the university, and he wanted me to assist in finding her somewhere she can go for field work, nikaonanitatizodogotu.

I have contacts, so I called a family friend and told him my dilemma, and he promised to help, and indeed he helped, because a few days later he called me and told me to tell the girl to go to a certain office where the boss said he will accommodate her, nilifurahi.

I told my neighbor, and the next day the young girl took her certificates and appeared promptly at the office in town, where he was ushered in to see the big man……..she came to my house in the evening with tears in her eyes, nilishtukakwakweli.

What she told me was that the boss, a man with a wife and several children tried to seduce her, and bluntly told her that if she wanted to work there then she will have to compromise and sleep with him, kwelikabisanawaambia!

She told me that this fellow, shameless as he is, told her that he was ready to employ her permanently once she is through with her attachment, all she had to do was meet him at a certain hotel on the outskirts of town, so that they can seal the agreement.

Kwakweliiliniumasana, especially when I know that I have daughters who eventually will be forced into the job market and meet such unscrupulous characters, people who appear respectable on the outside but are hyenas in the inside, nimafisiwakubwa! Hivijamaniwatuwengin ehamnaaibu

?Looking at the young girl I felt pity, because her first experience on the outside she meets with a sick and demented individual, who does not feel ashamed to corrupt such a young mind, inatiauchungukwakweli.

The problem is that there are many people out there who behave the same, kamawatotowa mama mmoja, they take advantage of the innocence of these young girls to satisfy their sick habits, yanihataMunguhamumuogopinyie?

“There are others who are waiting for such an opportunity, and they will jump at the chance, so do not waste my time if you are not decided, mkonomtupuhaulambwiujue,” I understand this goon told the girl.

Some of the people who do such stupid things, fortunately or unfortunately have their own daughters or sisters, and they will be the ones who hit the roof if they hear that someone employed their own tricks on them, mkukikwanguruwesio…!?

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