Low quality affects cattle prices at Pugu market


CATTLE supplied at Pugu auction market in August fetched low prices due to poor quality that did not meet the required grades.

According to the summary report for livestock market information from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment the beginning of droughts in key supply regions contributed to the low quality cattle supplied at the Dar es Salaam auction market.

“Generally there is a slight change in both prices and supply of livestock in the market in August compared to July,” said Mr John Chassama, an official from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment.

“For the case of cattle, the market experience small price drop may be due to fall in quality of cattle supplied at the markets.

He however noted that there was an increase in both price and quantity of sheep and goats supplied particularly towards last week of August. “The rise of prices and quantity of shoots was contributed partly by the preparations of Eid,” he said.

During August supply of cattle declined to 34,560 from 35,790 in the previous month, representing 3.4 per cent fall. The prices for female and male mature cattle grade two and three declined to 501,000/- and 803,000/- from 522,000/- and 819,000/- which is 4 per cent and 1.9 per cent fall respectively.

The prices for mature cattle grade two and three increased slightly during the month under review to 743,000/- and 679,500/- from 702,500/- and 669,000/- which is 5.8 per cent and 1.6 per cent rise.

The supply and prices of goats in the month under review increased across all breed while for mature and female sheep registered price decline.

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